History of the Villa

Villa Limonade, maison d'hôtes à Olonzac (34210)This house was built by the Barrière family at the end of the XIX century. As well as being a lemonade factory it also sold specialized beers, a business that ran until the 1960’s. This is the reason the name Villa Limonade was chosen and why all the rooms are named after lemonade cocktails.


It took 2 years to renovate the property using authentic materials that respected the original style of the house. Many of the original features have been preserved, from the flooring to the beams, and great care has been taken to keep the original theme of the house as well as adding certain modern touches that work in harmony with each other. The furniture  has been restored to its original state. The restoration and furnishings of this house has permitted us to preserve much of its original structure and add on a couple of new touches.

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