Wine workshop

These workshops are organized by an independent experienced wine specialist (oenotrek). They are a blend of friendship and professionalism. They are aimed at every wine ethusiasts, regardless of they knowledge! the simple taster and the true expert will find usefull informations in these workshops.

They take place inside the villa in a dedicated room.

Wine tasting initiation (2h30- 59€/person)

Knowing your tastes, talking about wine simply, waking your sensory receptors up are the objectives of the workshop. They are not about leisure tasting but rather an analytical approach similar to a professional’s approach. You will (re)discover in a first theoretical part the fundamental phases of wine tasting (sight, touch, smell, taste). All parameters that humans can perceive while tasting will be discussed and explained. Then in the appropriate glass, you will enjoy tasting a selection of regional wines.

Wine discovery in Languedoc-Roussillon (3 h- 69€/person)

After a short introduction with the vineyard, its brands and its varieties, you will enjoy a selection of wines handpicked by the winemaker. Enjoy the variety of regional wines and their quality. Through this workshop, you will know the wines of the region, how to choose them and understand the wealth of the largest vineyard in the world.

Varietals discovery (2 h30- 69€/person)

All the mysteries of ampelography will be unveiled. From the most exclusive varietals to the international superstars like the Syrah or Pinot Noir, you’ll get to discover them all. You will taste an assortment of single varietal wines to understand their special features. Through this workshop, you will know the wines of the region, how to choose them and understand the wealth of the largest vineyard in the world.

“Wines and Cheese” party (2h- 36€/person)

Only on summer (july and august) every tuesday evening. For one evening, you will enjoy an assortment of cheeses from France and the LanguedocRoussillon.

Preferably coming from local farms, raw goat cow or sheep milk , these cheeses,  jewels of French cuisine, will be served with homemade bread from organic farming. An assortment of 3 regional wines selected by the winemaker will allow original pairings.

2 thoughts on “Wine workshop”

  1. We are staying at Villa Limonade Sept 3 & 4 & are interested in booking the 3 hr wine discovery in Languedoc Rousllion tour & we would also love to have dinner at the villa either night. Please let me know what is needed to reserve. Merci!

    1. Monica , good morning.
      We have just read your email and are pleased that you have chosen to stay at Villa Limonade. We have taken over the Chambre dhote from Stephen and Jean Marc so we will be looking after you on your visit to Olonzac and Villa Limonade.

      With regards to evening meal we will be more than happy to provide this either evening , or both nights, just let us know what you require. The cost is €39 per person which includes aperitif, entree, main course, cheese board, dessert and all drinks (alcoholic and coffee). Please let us know if you have any specific allergies or dislikes.
      With regards to the wine tour , we are in the process of setting this up with our partner Master of Wines and will have to come back to you to confirm, if this is possible.

      Please feel free to contact either Tony or Linda on 00 33 06 37 40 83 95 or 0033 06 37 42 83 16 ( ) and we will answer any questions you may have.


      Tony and Linda Hampson

      Villa Limonade Olonzac

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