Ateliers de Dégustation de Vins / Wine Tasting and Courses

Située au cœur  du Minervois, La Villa Limonade est entourée de vignobles prestigieux, qu’elle vous propose de découvrir pendant vos séjours.

Venez apprendre les secrets de fabrication du vin et amusez-vous à retrouver les arômes et les saveurs qui font bon vin lors de nos ateliers de dégustation.

Deux formules vous sont proposées:

Initiation à la Dégustation – 2 heures pour découvrir les bases de la fabrication et savoir comment apprécier un vin, à 45 € par personne.

Découverte des Terroirs – 2 heures 30 pour connaître les vins des meilleures régions françaises, à 55 € par personne.

* Minimum 4 personnes et maximum 12 personnes par atelier


Here at Villa Limonade we are located in the heart of the Minervois wine Region and therefore have access to some of the finest wines available from local vineyards.

We know that many people not only enjoy drinking these great wines but would also like to learn just a little bit more about how they are made, what to look for in a good wine and how to get the best from the wine you drink.  So to add an extra dimension to your stay at Villa Limonade , why not take part in one of our wine workshops. (Delivered in English or French)

We offer two different courses both at a very affordable prices :-

Wine Tasting for Beginners – a 2 hour course for those who are new to wine tasting which teaches the basics of wine manufacture and appreciation , all this at a cost of €45 per person.

Discovery of Regional Wines  – a 2hour 30 minute workshop during which we discover the best wines of a dedicated region in France , at a cost of €55 per person.


* All our courses require a minimum of 4 delegates and a maximum of 12 (we will confirm the booking once we have a viable course)